Worshipping Trees As Per Relevant Nakshatras

Worshipping Trees As Per Relevant Nakshatras

Trees are the biggest and also the longest living organisms on earth. Trees are vital to our surroundings. Trees are vital and play a big role in our life. Though they currently occupy but six per cent of the land surface of the world they sustain quite 1/2 of the biological species on the world.


When we born, we tend to greatly influenced by the planetary movements of all Grah, Nakshatras and also the Stars within which we tend to born. We have to face the nice, dangerous and worse effects of those nakshatras in our life as they are placed in our horoscope. Even generally a baby is additionally cursed by the oldsters due to the dangerous or wrong deeds done by the kid. People typically curse their children that you just not sensible and never do any sensible issue in your life instead of making issues. There are several solutions in Indian Vedic Astrology to keep off the worst effects caused by the inaccurate placements of your nakshara, stars, grah, dasha and mahadasha. By worshipping trees we are able to sort out several unwanted issues from our life as a result of trees solely offer several things however don’t take something reciprocally.


  • If you are born in Ashwini nakshatra and facing issues attributable to this tree you should worship kuchla tree by water in to the roots of kuchla tree and take a spherical round the tree.
  • If you are born in Krutika Nakshatra you must serve Gular tree by providing rice and water into the basis of this tree and do parikrama or spherical round the tree.
  • To get the blessings of Rohini Nakshatra provide sugar and flour in to the roots of Jamun tree.
  • To get the blessings of Mrigshira Nakshatra worship ber tree particularly on Wednesday because it will increase the wealth.
  • If you are born in Adra Nakshatra worship avatar Kamal tree because it will enhance your luck.
  • To get the blessings of Punarwasu Nakshatra water the roots of Babool tree and to get the blessings of Pushaya Nakshatra worship Peepal tree often and also take the spherical of this tree.
  • You should worship Champa tree if you’re born in Ashlesha Nakshatra.
  • Worship Banyan tree if you’re born in Mega Nakshatra. You may get lots of benefits altogether walks of life.
  • Falguni Nakshatra persons ought to worship Ashok tree because it will take away the negative energy from your home.
  • If you are born in Hasta Nakshtra you must water in Juhi tree.
  • If you are born in Swati Nakshatra worship Arjun tree with sugar and rice. If you are unable to induce it as a tree you’ll provide your love and devotion to its bark. You may be blessed scores of happiness.
  • For Jyeshtha Nakshatra you must provide until and shugar in to the roots of very useful nim tree.
  • For Purvashad and Shravan nakshatra worship oak particularly on weekday.
  • For Uttarashad Nakshatra offer water to Kadamb tree and worship palm if you are born in Ghanishtha Nakshatra. Worship coconut in your shrine if you do not notice palm.
  • Worship Mango tree if you’re born in Shatbhisha Nakshatra because it will produce miracles in your life.
  • If you are born in Bhadrapaksha Nakshatra worship yellow Kadamb tree and worship Mehnadi tree if you’ve got uttari Bhadrapaksha nakshatra in your horoscope.
  • If you are born in Revati Nakshatra water the ber tree.


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