Why Problems arise in Marriage Life?

why problems arise in marriage

Marriage is the lifetime bond between the two individuals and partners. Marriage is an uncontaminated and consecrated bond between two people, in marriage the two individuals and couples spend the rest of their life with each other or together. It is completely based on the religious and pious powers and the formal procedures. In marriage, people share happiness and sorrow, sadness and joy, and clutch ups and downs in concert or with their collaborator they share each and the whole thing in their life. Marriage is not be bounded by two individuals for in anticipation of they die but also of be adjacent to two families in one relation for in anticipation of they die.

Sometimes problems and conflicts arise in the relationship or in the marriage and ruin the entire relationship and marriage and through which couples have to go through form the bad experiences in their life or in between their partners.  There are a lot of couples who start facing issues in marriage life after some years. Thus it all depends on them that how they handle the problems. This most common problem of husband and wife in marriage that they face several risk factors.

Static risk factor:

  • Divorced parents
  • Living together before marriage
  • Being married at a very young age
  • Having children from preceding marriage
  • Different religious background
  • Perceptive each other for only a very short time period before marriage
  • Financial hardship
  • Having a personality propensity to react strongly for the dissatisfaction of life.

These are the risk or static risk factor which can emulate in the relationship and creates the problems in the marriage or creates difficulties in the relationship and these all these factors which directly shows that how you behave, how you communicate, or what you think about your relationship or marriage, etc. To eliminate them there are some dynamic factors through which you can eliminate your problems and obstacles and can help you to reducing the risk factors of your marriage life. If still you are facing issues and not getting the appropriate solution for the problem then you can take help of effective astrology services that helps to remove all problems.

Dynamic risk factor:

  • The opposite way of thinking and dissimilar thoughts
  • Rapidly fights between each other continues arguments, negative way of talking
  • Dissimilar way of handling troubles
  • Unrealistic belief about marriage
  • Continues and rapidly point of view or influences
  • Social norms to which can’t control
  • Different attitudes about important things
  • Not practicing faith together

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