Transition Of Saturn Planet With Your Natal Rahu

Transition Of Saturn Planet With Your Natal Rahu

Ancient religious text Seers sees Rahu as terribly similar in nature to Saturn and Ketu has terribly similar character to Mars. According to a chart, Rahu’s placement defines the realm wherever new growth can happen during this incarnation. it’s a vicinity wherever one is at first somewhat reluctant to step into, like diving into a chilly natatorium however once someone gets accustomed the new atmosphere, it becomes the foremost productive space of one’s life and one is certainly attending to get rewards proportional to his/ her efforts.

On the opposite hand, Ketu that is by definition can continually be one hundred eighty degrees opposite to Rahu within the chart deals with the past on a personal still as on cooperative level. The place situation of Ketu in our chart shows the realm, that we’ve got been acting on, in our previous incarnations. It’s the place wherever our intrinsic talent lies. Ketu represents the school we’ve got formed over a series of incarnations and so comes naturally to within the gift life. Thus, it’s the realm wherever plenty of our frustration lies and conjointly wherever we have a tendency to are most vulnerable.

Rahu and Ketu are referred to as Karmic planets in our chart that in association with different planets will trigger sudden Karmic events in our life. Side of Saturn on Natal Rahu and Ketu within the chart will become a strong trigger for sudden karmic rewards still as Karmic punishments in our life.

Rahu is taken into account because the greatest law offender in nature, it’s conjointly thought of because the greatest Law hatchet man in nature. It’s the criminal still because the detective who catches the criminal. During this method it’s terribly similar nature as Saturn. Rahu is materialistic guiding outward towards new innovations and new concepts. Ketu is ascetic and guiding inwards to retreat inside our inner self.

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