Tarot Card Reading on Tarot Deck


About The Tarot Reading: Sense And Keys

Tarot is based on the occult science which does not forecast your future but can give you direction to live a happy life. Tarot helps to defeat the problems which will be face by you in future. This antique art is slowly getting popular across the world and people doing practice to prediction listening in different places. People getting success in their elected area like: career, health, relationships etc by this art. Tarot card reading is a fine art to create a healthy fortune.

All people wish to know this magical power of tarot reading along with the reward allied with it. If people already heard about tarot reading or have a session with it, still they have desire to know how it will relieve them. Foretelling the wonderful fine art of tarot cards is just like discovering the spiritual which is yet true only in the universe. In cosmic of astrology, many arts are there that are dedicated to prediction for fortune by observing the earthly positions, but the tarot cards have its own place according its charisma and magic.

The pack of 78 cards is called by Tarot, Which were essentially used for playing card game in different places of Europe. Each tarot card has its own tarot card meaning. There are 22 chief arcana cards and 56 lesser arcana cards across four suits (Cups, Swords, Batons, and Pentacles). Tarot card have a straight and an upturned tarot meaning. Tarot card require the many years’ of practice and a cavernous knowledge of the tarot. Different readers have their different way to observe the fortune wit tart cards.


The Cosmic Tarot: Lesser Arcana

Tarot cards have been experienced for hundreds of years across the world to get an individual’s inner self. Tarot cards can enlighten our thoughts and opinion that are developed from the vanguard of our mind. Every question has their different answers and different way to answering those questions.

Let’s introduce you to Lesser Arcana, what are the types of cards that compose lesser arcana:

  • Cups/Chalices:

The Cups introduce the emotions and love faculty of guys. Cups have water element which determines the priesthood or clergy class. Cups represent the charitable organization, humanitarian groups, patron etc. The cups represent the unselfish nature towards an ideal an on personal level it’s describe the true friends, persons who cares and shows the love about the individual, family members etc. Cups represent the good things in your life like: love, happiness, healthiness, true friends etc.

  • Swords/Spades:

Swords are the most dominant and most risky. Sword has the air element and this signifies the decency and martial class. But this power is often misused for the selfish reason. Swords inform for enemies, death, violence etc. Swords cards represent the upper or warrior class people. Swords cards represent, on a personal level: false friends, disloyal dealing links or other unsafe to people. Sword shows something unpleasant in your life.

  • Batons/Wands:

Baton represents the fire element. It refers to individuals business and financial position. Batons describe the objectives, private struggle, prospective which lead to victory. Occasions and conditions are described through the batons are those relating to prospective success. It is represent the creativity and wiliness power of the peasantry class. It indicates the little amount of just to get good luck and will work in you favor.

  • Pentacles/Coins:

Pentacles represent the earth. Pentacles describe the merchant’s class. It shows the material body and possession faculty of the individuals. Means relate to coin like: wealth, organization, business, finance, worldly prestige, mature esteem in commerce etc. Pentacles/coins represent the big organization, national or international commerce which relates to the money. On a personal level it shows the wealthy empower. It can describe that your money problems would be solved with hard cash.


Astrology v/s tarot reading

Astrology and the tarot card reading both is ancient misty which are used worldwide. In current time of period, everyone have to know about the fortune and their life. With astrology people can forecast the fortune, your prediction with misty, defining the upcoming life problems and which decided by god. We all know about the 12 zodiac sun-signs. Astrologers have power to define the destiny thorough the planet position like: sun, moon etc. In the same way, the tarot card reading is also the power of prediction through the playing cards and result may be accurate.

Tarot and astrology both are depends on the symbols for reveal the questions. Specific signs are converted in to some images and logics. Astrology and tarot card both are using figurative language to make a prediction. Tarot cards give us complete images in a symbolic form of our inner-life. They both are complement for each other. Tarot cards can also predict the future for our life from birth to death by using 12 signs of zodiac and 10 planet of the universe which equally represent the 22 cards of the tarot. Same as the astrology, tarot also gives a absolute solutions for our problems.


Judge A Right Tarot Deck

The tarot is the whole journey of the life of a person so it is important to choose the right tarot deck. Selecting right tarot deck is same as finding the right buddy. When you find the right one tarot deck then you will feel like now you came back to your home. The tarot deck describes the thing on the figured base. The right tarot can become the trusted guardian on your journey through life.

Your life’s every problem can observed though the tarot cards but you to go a right tarot deck which can tell you accurate fortune. He is capable to tell you all about you from birth to current time, and also forecast your future with playing cards. Tarot deck can prescribe life journey with some symbol that showing on your selected cards. Tarot deck warns you to upcoming problems and help to reveal them.

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