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आत्म निर्भर होते है भाग्यांक 5 के जातक

भाग्यांक 5 (Bhagyank 5) भाग्यांक 5 के जातक की आराध्य माँ लक्ष्मी है। भाग्यांक 5 वाले व्यक्ति अपने हर कार्य में निपुण होते है साथ ही परिवर्तनशीलता को पसंद करने वाले होते है। ये जातक स्वतंत्रता के बारें में विशेष रूचि रखते है। आप समाजिक व आर्थिक रूप से अपने उपर ही निर्भर रहेंगे। आपके जीवन में एक बात दिखाई […]

Hasta Samudrika Shastra and Jyotish in Astrology

Jyotish Jyotish is that the ancient science of Hinduism. Quite 5000 years recent, Jyotish could be a powerful tool for gaining profound information concerning each facet of life. All and sundry is born with a novel set of psychological tendencies and life potentials. The horoscope shows what we tend to are presently operating with, supported our past actions and thoughts. […]

Line Decides Our Nature and Future, Whether It Is On Forehead or On Palm

In human beings, every person has curiosity to know about their future. Lines on palm and lines on forehead have their own specialty in Ocean science or Vedic science. Prediction of happy and sorrow moments can be possible in present time through palmistry and samudrik scripture. The way to describe the future and nature in palmistry by observing the lines […]