Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja To Unleash From Bad Impacts

Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja To Unleash From Bad Impacts

Shani Puja is to appease the world Saturn. Saturn or Shani Puja is extremely helpful and useful puja, since its worship strengthens beneficent Saturn will increase its positive influence and pacifies maleficent impacts of the world neutralizes its negative effect. Saturn Puja is suggested for those having maleficent Saturn or incorrectly placed Saturn as per horoscope.

The period of Shani Sade-Sati starts once Saturn enters the zodiac sign straight off before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of the birth of the individual. That is, if the Moon sign (Ayamavasya) at the time of birth of the native was Taurus, then the Sadesati can begin once Saturn enters sign Aries. The Sadesati can continue whereas Saturn transits over this sign and also the next 2 signs, i.e. the birth sign and also the sign once it. Saturn spends around 2½ years in every sign. To cross these 3 signs it takes concerning 7½ years. So the name is Sadesati, which accurately suggests that seven and a 0.5.

The planets area unit to appease against their evil influences, to keep off them, the Saturn Puja is completed with religion to keep off all evils of Saturn as per the horoscope. Shani’s letter Sati i.e. 7.5 year of disturbance in life as horoscope reading is also avoided by carrying Ratna’s or by doing specific Shani Pujan & Homam.

Benefits of Shani Dosha Nivaran Puja:

  1. Stability in professional and personal life of humanity.
  2. Removal of obstacles in the path of success.
  3. Relief from other malefic impacts of planet Shani or Saturn and to attend his blessings.
  4. Protection from materialistic and physical losses.

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