Peacock Feather Is Effective To Avoid Kundli Dosha

Peacock Feather Is Effective To Avoid Kundli Dosha

In our Vedas and other ancient book, peacock feather have the great importance in all bird scripture. Legend is, Shree Krishna’s make up is not complete without the ‘Peacock’ feather. It is also a part of their crown. According to scriptures, all deities and all planets live in peacock feather. Peacock feather and eagle’s feather also have the importance in spiritual power. If the peacock feather situated with the all traditional manner as says the scriptures then it have the power to reveal all dosha from your kundli and other Vastu dosha from your home. It has the power to remove all malefic effects from your kundli.

Any person has such type of dosha and suffering from unfavorable incidents or activities in their life and wants to remove the unwanted effect of planetary position in their kundli. They need to situate the peacock feather on auspicious place in home with chanting some mantras 21 times and splash the water on feather.


To Reveal Home from Vastu Dosha

For wrong entrance of house according to vastu use three peacock feathers.

To remove the unfavorable effect of moon, bring eight peacock feathers and tied with a white thread below and chant given mantra:

ऊँ सोमाय नमः|जाग्रयस्थापय स्वाहा||

To Get Reveal from Saturn’s Unfavorable Location

Tied three peacock feather below with a black thread and put in a plate three supari then splash water with chanting this mantra for 21 times

ऊँ शनैश्वराय नमः|जाग्रय स्थापय स्वाहा||


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