Line Decides Our Nature and Future, Whether It Is On Forehead or On Palm

Line Decides Our Nature and Future, Whether It Is On Forehead or On Palm

In human beings, every person has curiosity to know about their future. Lines on palm and lines on forehead have their own specialty in Ocean science or Vedic science. Prediction of happy and sorrow moments can be possible in present time through palmistry and samudrik scripture. The way to describe the future and nature in palmistry by observing the lines on palm that same way can describe the lines of forehead for one’s destiny.

Future through Palm lines

Generally everyone have three lines in their palm: life line, head line and heart line. Life line shows the journey of life. It locates just below the head and heart line and makes a curve in between the palm. Heart line states in the top of the all which indicate one’s feeling and personality. Through Heart line can measure the emotions of the person. Whereas the head line states in middle of both and shows the financial condition of individual’s. it also measure that individual have patience or not.

Future through forehead lines

Generally each people have six lines on forehead that are relates to the planets of individual’s natal chart. We can analyze the one’s age through these lines. Each line has a special shape, color and size to describe the position of planets.

On the top of the head is Saturn line. This is not so big and situated in centre of head. This line defines the sincere or mysterious nature of individual.

Jupiter line situated little bit below the Saturn line. Compare to Saturn line this line will be bigger and define the thoughts, study, spiritual etc. it also show the confident power and will be trust worthy.

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