Is There Difficulties In Marital Life After Matching Kundli

Is There Difficulties In Marital Life After Matching Kundli

Marriage is a crucial event within the creation of the universe. Through of wedding, wherever a person and girl close, and since of them the growth of the universe becomes a prospect. Maybe it’s the largest reason for its growth in terms of nature too.

In Hinduism, the establishment of wedding is terribly high regard and regarded very auspicious. Whereas there are several rituals and customs are performed for the success of a couple’s wedding however the foremost vital among them is Kundli Milan aka matching of horoscopes. However is matching of horoscopes enough to confirm the success of a marriage? Many folks argue that in precedent days marriages were productive even once horoscopes weren’t matched!

When matching horoscopes, we tend to solely think about matching eight main criteria’s, i.e. Ashtakoot, of each – they’d husband and married person who would facilitate them live along in mutual harmony. However, this could not be the sole criteria. Before matching the horoscopes, one ought to confine mind the subsequent points and people temperament traits of the bride and groom ought to be determined by reading their individual horoscopes also.

Here are some potential remedies –

1. If there are doshas within the horoscope that require to be remedied, then they ought to be resolved before wedding. And for this, one ought to obtain facilitate from a famed or learned predictor.

2. In cases wherever the seventh home is below cruel influence or is weak, then religious text Shanti puja or remedy ought to be performed as no crystal remedy will facilitate the individual for this explicit downside.

3. The horoscope of the bride and groom ought to be studied just in case of Mangliks and that they ought to obtain applicable Manglik partners once they need performed the Mangal Shanti Puja.

4. If there are multiple doshas present within the horoscope or the individual is already married however unable to continue with the connection, then the sole resolution is to perform a Puja or ritual to please Ma Katyayani.

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