How Vedic astrology remedies work for us?

How Vedic astrology remedies work for us?

People suffer from many of thing in their life People suffer from many problem in their life like: some people suffer from Bad health; some people suffer because they are poor, some people suffer from personal problems and some people suffer from professional problems So Mean one and all on earth no one is happy with fully by their life But if we examine and spend some time with our self or for us, we understand that we never committed any mistakes but still we are suffering the problem Why? For getting the answer of this question we should go back to our previous lives. In previous life we did a lot of karmas in our previous births whose fruits are now enjoyed by us so people the rule are simple: if we did wrong things or karmas then we would get bitter fruits likewise, if we did right things then we defiantly get sweet fruits it’s the simplest theory of karma.

If you feeling that something is going bad just cause of our karma then Astrology will help you to get rid out of this.

Now the Question is that How Vedic astrology remedies work for us??? and is that seriously work for us???? then the answer is yes

When remedies should be done:

  • Your Moon sign and your main planet (mukhya graha) should always be kept strong and positive.
  • In bad times
  • In normal times 

Types of remedies which work for us:

Vedic astrology remedies

  1. Gifting and doing donations
  2. Pooja and Yagya
  3. Mantra
  4. Yantras
  5. Tantras
  6. Herbal treatment
  7. Color therapy
  8. Medicinal plants
  9. Palmistry
  10. Numerology
  11. Fast (vrat)
  12. Donate food
  13. Gemstones
  14. Sadhana, bhakti and meditation is the best remedy, but it’s not easy and it needs to be done by anyone it needs to learn step-by-step for a long period of time.

These are the Some Remedy which helps to improve your karmas and get rid out of problems, but we just want to convey you one thing that the remedy does not works the same way for all the people Because it’s depends upon their Zodiac and there stars and planets situation means Remedies do work but determine the right remedy takes real skill and years of experience.

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