How can avoid shani dosh without worship

Shani dosh nivaran

Saturn is considered god of justice and magistrate. The relationship of justice is related to follow of religion. It is believed that Saturn also gives his grace according to bad and good deeds of a human and punish also. The justice of Saturn is shown in form of shani ki dhaiyaa, sadhe sati and during bad situation according to success, failure and poverty.

Indeed Saturn in devotee life gives lesson of adoption of good work and thoughts. Good work and thoughts are the most important part to learn religious task. Therefore in scripture to please the lord Saturn except the religious rituals the way of speaking, behavior, and deeds are described better work. Even an atheist person means a person who does not worship of god can get grace of Saturn because of these tasks and a person become successful and fortunate.

it is believed that Saturn is god of aging and the person who always respect of parents, teacher and give respect to elders then you can get enough grace of Saturn. Conversely, a person who troubles aged elders and parents and neglected and degraded them then get wrath of Saturn.

in Saturn devotion there is a great importance of charity. Donation keeps away the proud by making you generous and render all possible donate the things that are related with shani. A person who is free from ego gets please of Saturn.

Compassion for others and help of poor and weak people by providing clothes, money gets huge grace of Saturn.