Varshpal : Annual Prediction Report

Annual Prediction is also a unique technique of ancient astrology. Annual Prediction erect when sun comes back to the same sign after journey on all zodiac signs. This annual report can predict on the basis of all journey of planets and zodiac signs. One year completes of the native when sun returns in solar system on same longitude and same degree of that position. Varshphal is created by astrologer based on these all information about native.

The longitude is the main thing of this chart which describes the horoscope of the native for coming whole year. Mainly, when solar return to the same position, is called by the ‘Varshapravesha’ which means is ‘entry of the year’.

Varshphal is most popular in northern India for prediction of entire year. This report observes the natives planet position and predict the occurrence of current entire year. All things which are happening can foretell through the astrology and this online report provides the whole information of the native for complete year.

Yearly Horoscope/ Annual Prediction provide the whole years’ information on the basis of one’s zodiac sign. Astrologers predict the horoscope about your career, work, compatibility, relation and other all type ups and down which will be happening in your coming year.

It is made on basis of a cycle of sun in all zodiac sign. This Yearly Prediction can warn you about upcoming problems and you can take proper action to face them and prepare yourself for it.

The varshphal is based on the Tajika System of astrology which predict the lucky and unlucky period in coming years by covering month by month analysis. It analysis the annual kundli and gives you opportunities to improve your performance in coming year.