Planetary Transit (Gochar) Report

Free Planetary Transit (Gochar) Report for Today

Our Birth Chart is the image of the sky which shows the exact position of planets at time of our birth. It shows the movements of all planets till our death. But the planets continuously travel across the space non-stop. At time they moving, they create a special combination in space with the planet in one’s birth chart. And these planetary transits shows what are going to be happen in one’s life. They highlight the zodiac movements in planetary transit.

With an appropriate planet sun and moon make the combination which give the malefic effects or may give the benefic effect to the natal chart of individual. Basically natal chart is the base for particular planet and they start their journey on other planets and make a particular combination for happening things in native’s life.

Planets are able foretell about the native according their position in space or universe. Natal chart also help in prediction about the native. They can tell the all things which will be happening in his life for now and further.

Planets can tell about the whole life of native. In astrology, planets play the very important role for happening things. They can change the life of one’s with change their particular position in natal chart. The influence of these reports may be in positive or negative way according to nakshatra. The Saturn and the Jupiter have important part in and have long duration effect in native’s kundli.

If planets are in positive position that mean native going to gain something in his favor and happening something good in his life but if they are in negative place that mean native going to suffer something bad and unfavorable situation.

This planetary transit report gives you the observed report for your current position of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and other planets. In transit today report you can see your today’s prediction and it will be helpful for you.