Kaalsarp Dosha and Yoga in Kundli

What is the Kaalsarp Dosha?
Kaalsarp Yoga/Dosha is one of the most fearful and terrible yoga. Here the meaning of ‘Kaal’ is Death and ‘Sarp’ is snake. Legend is, when all planets are come between the Rahu and Ketu then formed the Kaalsarp dosha in one’s kundli or birth chart. The kaalsarp yoga may cause of the unnatural death, financial problem, lack of self confidence, physical accident, delayed marriage etc.

When Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn all planets come between the Rahu and Ketu planets, this is the bad sign for the person. Some difficulties are coming in person’s life. Kaalsarp may be beneficial when that person chant the Kaalsarp dosha mantra.

Kaalsarp Dosha Nivaran (Remedies)

Some remedies are here for Kaalsarp dosha which will help you to reduce the impact of Rahu and Ketu:

  • Pray to Lord Hanuman
  • Feed fishes and ants
  • Perform nagdosh nivaran puja on Monday and on Wednesday.
  • Chant the Kaalsarp dosha mantra:

“Om Bhajangeshaaya Vidmahe,

Sarpraajya Dhimahi,

Tanno Nagah Prachodayat”

In Kaalsarp yoga, practice of like avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food; do not eat anything outside the home for a year, It will give fruitful outputs in Kaalsarp dosha. Maha mrityunjaya jaap, specific pranayam/exercise is also beneficial in Kaalsarp dosha.

What is Kaalsarp Yoga Puja?

Kaalsarp yoga may bring the pain and stress in your life. But some yoga and puja can help you to change your destiny. According to astrologers Havan and Puja for duration of 4 days by 5 priests may be beneficial for you. In Kaalsarp yoga puja, some services are considered: Ganpati Sthapana, Navgraha Sthapana, Shodash Matrika, Brahma Puja, Kalash Sthapana, Shiv Abhishek, Naag-Nagin Puja, Rahu Mantra Jaap, Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap, Havan, Aarti, Pushpanjali and scattering The Naag-Nagin in running water.