Gemstones Prediction Report

The source of the gems and the knowledge of their use have been in India. Gemstones have the power of healing and spirituality. They also used as the ornaments. But they provide the different energy and have power of diversity the prediction. Different types of gems are in universe which are using for the astrology. According to Vedas, every stones are dedicated to a reason and for special planet. They store the different information and energies from the planets of solar system and provide our body. These are beneficial for the humans in astrometry. The gemstones are the instance between the physical energy and the spiritual energy.


Gemstones and Vedic science

Gemstones have the power to maintain the connection between earth and planets and other stars of universe. Vedic shastra says that human body made by five elements; Air, water, fire, soil and soul. Our bodies contain the gems but some gems are recommended for our success but they are based on our zodiac sign. Gemstones are encouraged in ancient science. It gives a good fortune to individual. Vedic astrology says every gemstone have some forces which have the power to change your thinking, your status, your whole future. The natal chart have specialized the recommendation of gemstones in human being.


Effects of gemstones

We all have a spiritual aura around us but we cannot see that. They are in form of non-living things. This spiritual aura can be felt but mainly by children with their innocence. When we wear the gemstone, it is able to affect our inner and our body with soul.

  1. Medicinal: – Gemstones are able to reduce the harmful effects like disease, control metabolism, balance emotions, reduce stress etc.
  2. Destiny/ Fate: – Gemstones able to enhance our spirit, positivity, attraction, luck etc.