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जन्म के वार से जानिए अपनी और दुसरो की ये बाते

  हम सब जानते है सप्ताह के सात दिनों के अपने अलग अलग ग्रह होते है। और वैदिक ज्योतिषी के अनुसार जिस वार को व्यक्ति का जन्म हुआ होता है उस वार का उस व्यक्ति के स्वभाव और भविष्य पर उम्र भर प्रभाव रहता है।   1. रविवार :- रविवार को जन्म लेने वाले लोग बहुत कम बोलना पसंद करते है। […]

Personality Traits of August Born People

Are you August born people and wants to know that what kind of  personality you are and want to know about your characteristics that what characteristic you have and what people think about you then have look in this blog and get your answer: The august born people are governing by sun and by the sing of Leo. You people […]

Is There Difficulties In Marital Life After Matching Kundli

Marriage is a crucial event within the creation of the universe. Through of wedding, wherever a person and girl close, and since of them the growth of the universe becomes a prospect. Maybe it’s the largest reason for its growth in terms of nature too. In Hinduism, the establishment of wedding is terribly high regard and regarded very auspicious. Whereas […]

Some Fengshui Tips To Enhance Your Married Life

The base of a cheerful and powerful married life is love. However typically the love has been lost from life of the couples to induce back this love if you adopt some tips of fengshui then undoubtedly you’ll get edges. Through the fengshui positive energy will flows into the house. Keep Home Organized It is aforementioned that unarranged home and […]

Trust In Deity With All Your Heart And Feel Blessed

“Do not depend on your own appreciative; Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Human have anytime belief and trust in such things in every factor of life. Human beings are on the expressway, they are relying on every other alternative driver in the region of us. Faith in God means that we tend to consider him and we are […]