Muhurat (Fortunate Time) Auspicious time to Success

What is Muhurat: Auspicious Time In Vedic Astrology

‘Muhurat’ has an important place in Vedic astrology. Muhurat mean is here moment. Many occasions are celebrate in Hindu religion like marriage, birthday, inaugurations of home and offices. When we choose the good planetary energy for these moments to celebrate that auspicious moments called by the ‘Muhurat’.

When we create the birth chart of any person, those charts is based on planetary energy that decides the success and failure of an individual. So we can say our life is based on the good and bad energy of planets according to their positions. Some special moments are could be reason for any individual’s successful life. Vedic astrology can help to know the best time to start any work or to celebrate any special day. Muhurat is a science of choosing best timing to get best outcomes.

Shubh Vivah Muhurat (Shubh Lagan Muhurat) In 2016

Months Auspicious Muhurat
Auspicious Dates Time Nakshatra
16th January (Friday) 22:52 to 31:18+ Anuradha
18th January (Sunday) 13:09 to 17:41 Mula
24th January (Saturday) 14:45 to 31:16+ Uttara Bhadrapada
25th January (Sunday) 07:16 to 30:05+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
29th January (Thursday) 11:38 to 26:10+ Rohini
05th February (Thursday) 07:11 to 26:16+ Magha
07th February (Saturday) 12:20 to 31:09+ Uttara Phalguni
08th February (Sunday) 07:09 to 30:22+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th February (Wednesday) 08:17 to 16:05 Swati
12th February (Thursday) 17:26 to 30:00+ Anuradha
14th February (Saturday) 23:21 to 31:03+ Mula
15th February (Sunday) 07:03 to 16:30 Mula
16th February (Monday) 14:40 to 19:50 Uttara Ashadha
20th February (Friday) 24:34+ to 30:58+ Uttara Bhadrapada
21st February (Saturday) 06:58 to 30:57+ Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
26th February (Thursday) 06:53 to 30:52+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
27th February (Friday) 06:52 to 19:44 Mrigashirsha
04th March (Wednesday) 12:12 to 20:57 Magha
08th March (Sunday) 10:59 to 17:30 Hasta
09th March (Monday) 20:07 to 30:40+ Swati
10th March (Tuesday) 06:40 to 12:01 Swati
11th March (Wednesday) 24:04+ to 30:38+ Anuradha
12th March (Thursday) 06:38 to 11:17 Anuradha
21st April (Tuesday) 11:57 to 29:53+ Rohini
22nd April (Wednesday) 15:49 to 20:36 Mrigashirsha
27th April (Monday) 25:23+ to 29:47+ Magha
28th April (Tuesday) 05:47 to 21:40 Magha
30th April (Thursday) 22:28 to 29:44+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
01st May (Friday) 05:44 to 29:43+ Hasta
05th May (Tuesday) 11:50 to 22:47 Anuradha
07th May (Thursday) 19:03 to 29:39+ Mula
08th May (Friday) 05:39 to 13:03 Mula
09th May (Saturday) 12:40 to 29:37+ Uttara Ashadha
14th May (Thursday) 06:24 to 28:34+ Uttara Bhadrapada
19th May (Tuesday) 08:40 to 29:32+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
20th May (Wednesday) 05:32 to 20:45 Mrigashirsha
27th May (Wednesday) 08:24 to 29:28+ Uttara Phalguni
28th May (Thursday) 05:28 to 29:28+ Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
30th May (Saturday) 16:30 to 29:28+ Swati
02nd June (Tuesday) 10:00 to 19:51 Anuradha
04th June (Thursday) 05:27 to 19:22 Mula
05th June (Friday) 18:34 to 29:27+ Uttara Ashadha
06th June (Saturday) 05:27 to 17:31 Uttara Ashadha
10th June (Wednesday) 12:19 to 29:26+ Uttara Bhadrapada
11th June (Thursday) 05:26 to 16:55 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
08 July, 2015 (Wednesday) Uttara Bhadrapada
11 July, 2015 (Saturday) Bharani
August Chaturmas in 2015 is from 27 July, 2014 (“Hari Shayani Ekadashi” or “Asadha  Shukla Ekadashi” or Ashaadha Ekadashi Shukla” or “Devashayani Ekadashi”) to 22 November, 2014 (“Kartik Sud Ekadashi” or “Kartikai Shukla Ekadashi” or “Utthana Ekadasi” or “Prabodhini Ekadashi”).

  • Chaturmas” is considered inauspicious for marriage because it is believed that Lord Vishnu and the other Gods are in “Yoga Nidra” (Yogic Sleep).
22nd November (Sunday) 16:12 to 30:51+ Revati
26th November (Thursday) 06:56 to 30:57+ Rohini, Mrigashirsha
27th November (Friday) 06:57 to 26:13+ Mrigashirsha
04th December (Friday) 09:15 to 31:03+ Uttara Phalguni
05th December (Saturday) 07:03 to 18:26 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
06th December (Sunday) 07:48 to 15:31 Hasta
07th December (Monday) 18:26 to 31:05+ Swati
13th December (Sunday) 25:56+ to 31:09+ Uttara Ashadha
14th December (Monday) 07:09 to 25:44+ Uttara Ashadha

 Griha Pravesh Muhurat In 2015

Date Tithi Day Nakshatra
16 January Magh Krishna 11 Friday In Anuradha
26 January Magh Shukla 7 Monday In Revati
29 January Magh Shukla 10 Thursday In Rohini
30 January Magh Shukla 11 Friday Before Bhadra
9 February Falguni Krishna 5 Monday In Chitra
16 February Falguni krishna 12 Monday Uttara Asadha Conjoining In Siddhyog
21 February Falguni Shukla 3 Saturday In Tritiya
27 February Falguni Shukla 9 Friday Dashmi Conjoining In Mrigshira
22 April Vaishakh Shukla 4 Wednesday After Bhadra
23 April Vaishakh Shukla 5 Thursday In Mrigshira
30 April Vaishakh Shukla 12 Thursday In Uttara Falguni
6 May Jyeshtha Krishna 2 Wednesday In Anuradha
9 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Saturday In Uttara Asadha
14 May Jyeshtha Krishna 11 Thursday In Uttara Bhadra
20 May Jyeshtha Shukla 2 Wednesday In Mrigshira
27 May Jyeshtha Shukla 9 Wednesday In Dashmi
28 May Jyeshtha Shukla 10 Thursday In Uttara Falguni
30 May Jyeshtha Shukla 12 Saturday After Vyatipaat In Chitra

Festive Vehicle Buying Muhurat in 2015 


Month Date Festival
April 4th Apr Hanuman Jayanti
21st Apr Akshaya Tritiya
May 4th May Buddha Purnima
July 18th July Jagan Nath Puri Rath Yatra
August 28th August Onam
September 5th Sep Janmashtami
17th Sep Ganesh Chaturthi
October 13th to 20th October Navratri
21st October Last Day of Navratri + Maha Navami
22nd October Dussehra
30th October Karwa Chauth
November 9th Nov Dhanteras
10th Nov Kali Puja / Chotti Diwali
12th November Deepawali Festival

 Mundan Ceremony muhurat in 2015

Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
14 Jan Magh Krishna 10 Swati Thu
21 Jan Magh Shukla 1 Dwitiya Conjoining In Shravan Wed
23 Jan Magh Shukla 3 Tritiya Fri
27 Jan Magh Shukla 7 Saptami Mon
9 Feb Falguni Krishna 5 Panchami Mon
11 Feb Falguni Shukla 7 Before Bhadra In Swati Wed
23 Feb Falguni Shukla 1 Panchami Mon
27 Feb Falguni Shukla 9 Dashmi Conjoining In Mrigshira Fri
2 Mar Falguni Shukla 11 Trayodashi Conjoining In Paushya Mon
13 Mar Chaitra Krishna 7 Saptami Fri
22 Apr Vaishakh Shukla 4 After Bhadra Wed
23 Apr Vaishakh shukla 5 Mrigshira Thu
24 Apr Vaishakh Shukla 6 Saptami Fri
1 May Vaishakh Shukla 13 Hastha Fri
6 May Jyestha Krishna 2 Before Bhadra In Jyestha Wed
20 May Jyestha Shukla 2 Mrigshira Wed
22 May Jyestha Shukla 4 Panchami Fri
28 May Jyestha Shukla 10 Before Bhadra In Hastha Thu
11 June Shukla Asadh Krishna 9 Before Bhadra In Revati Thu
17 Jul Asadh Shukla 1 Dwitiya Conjoining In Pushya Fri
22 Jul Asadh Shukla 6 Saptami Wedy
23 Jul Asadh shukla 7 Before Bhadra In Saptami Thu
18 Nov Kritika Shukla 7 Mrighshira Fri
30 Nov Marg Krishna 5 Panchami Mon


The Strength and significance of a Shubh Muhurat in Our Life

In Vedic astrology, Subh Muhurat shows the best time to start any new work or business. If we select that auspicious time for a new effort then chances of success or best results would be increase. These Muhurat timing may also use in special moments of life. For example, Marriage, Birthday, inauguration of a new business, Journey etc.

Legend is that, if a beggar follows The Muhurat time, then he can become a king. It is not necessary that native have a good planetary position in his birth chart or good lines in his palm. If any individual don’t have an indication in his birth chart that he will get children. But if he get marry in good muhurat, then he can increase the chances of getting children or may blessed with children very soon after his marriage. Good muhurat are such a way in life for getting success in all areas.

Muhurat Study According to Occasions

In India, All people have faith in astrology and mostly use the best time according to Hindu auspicious time for initiate a new task or activity. They wait for the Subh Muhurat for almost all occasions and each activity which will be consider a mark in his history. Muhurat calculations according to occasion play a significant role to getting success in that event in future. Planetary energy is reliable for the best result. Muhurat should be calculating for: Education, Employment, and Marriage, travel, Home or Business inauguration and also in purchasing property and vehicle.

Calculation and Estimation for Shubh Muhurat

Muhurat can calculate on the basis of several aspects:

  1. Panchang- This is the most important aspect because according to astrologers this is the Hindu calendar which use its 5 bits (Vaar, Nakshatras, Karan, Yogas and Thithis) for calculation of best time for initiate any task.
  2. Planetary Energy- Planet position on special zodiac sign give the positive and negative energy which decide the good or bad time for muhurat.
  3. The lunar cycle- It describes the Purnima and Amavasya etc according to Nakshatra.
  4. Constellation (Nakshatras) – Space is divided in 27 parts and they known as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. It is also using for decide the Subh Muhurat.

Shelter and Precaution in Muhurat

‘Precaution is better than heal’ does not apply in Muhurat Strategy. If once you fail to entrap of any auspicious moment. Then there is not any way to take you out from their results. We know that all is in our destiny but to get success we need to exact timing and good muhurat which would lead us to success. A person complains that his marriage is not being success rather kundli was matched perfectly. But they avoid using subh muhurat for wedding. Subh muhurat consider as that precious moment which will erase all despair and unhappiness moments of your life and lead you to the kingdom of success.